What is a product-based discount code?

A product-based discount code is a discount code that is setup to be redeemable for specific products and items you specify on your price sheet.

Once your customer has a specified item in their cart, they can redeem the code before checkout to take advantage of the savings!

How do I create a product-based discount code?

First, we'd recommend checking out this article on how to create a discount code: https://iqplsupport.com/en/articles/3140393-creating-discount-codes

Every code type can made to be "product-based"

When creating a discount code, change the Edit Applied To from Order (default) to Specific Product(s):

Use the drop-down to choose from your active price sheets. You select multiple items from multiple price sheets for the discount code:

How do I tell what items the code will work for?

Blueprint will show a list of price sheets and discount codes that the code is setup to work with. Click on the price sheet to see the itemized list.

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