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PLIC Books: Setting up an existing customer
PLIC Books: Setting up an existing customer

How to setup an existing customer with a new yearbook project for the new year

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It's a new year, and your school wants to use PLIC Books again to create their yearbook. Each year is going to be a separate yearbook project. Go to the Yearbooks tab, and then click on Create Yearbook.

Next select your school from the dropdown. You should NOT need to click on Create new school since this is their second year creating a yearbook and the school should already exist. On the next screen give the new project a name. Something simple like "Yearbook 20-21" should be good enough. Please note that the project name cannot be the exact same as last year's yearbook project. On the next page, enter how many pages you want the yearbook to have. If they haven't told you how many pages they want yet, a good default is to use the same number they ended up using last year.

After clicking Next, your next project will be created. Now when your school goes to login, they will see the new yearbook project instead of last years project. If you have last years project in this season still, you should go into Project Setting's for that old book and put it back into the previous season. If you want to send an email to the school to let them know they can start working, you can do that from the Users tab.

The easiest way to do this is to click on the Search bar on the Users tab, and type in the school's name. This will filter down to the list of users in that school. Next, click on the Actions dropdown, and select Send Welcome Back to send a welcome back email to that user. Most of the time you will want to send welcome back emails to the School Advisor's only and let them control who else is working on the Book with them.

When your customers get their email, it will look like the following:

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