Due to COVID restrictions and for this year only, we are adding a new free way to gather content from parents. To get started, go to Project Settings, and then look for "Free Content Pages". This option will default to Off for all of your Books. You can change it to be any of the supported Ad sizes depending on how much room you want parents to have to work with. In the below example, it has been set to Quarter Page.

After changing that Project Settings and saving it, you will see a new link on the Ads tab titled "Parent Designer". That is the link your schools can give out to get parents to sign up from.

When parents go to that link, they will see a screen like the one below. We will gather their student's info as well as an email address. Once they click on Create Account, they will be sent an invite email to join PLIC Books to work on their page.

Once they accept their invite, they will be directed to start work on their page. This page is almost identical to the existing Ads interface. They pages can be managed from the Ads tab, and will show a type of "Free Content Design" instead of order information.

The rest of the process is identical to how Ads are placed on a Book. For more information about how to place Ads in a Book, please view https://iqplsupport.com/en/articles/4360683-plic-books-purchased-ads.

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