Many studios would like to offer combo prints to their customers. These would be sheets that contain multiple print sizes.

An example of this would be 1-5x7 & 4 Wallets. So instead of printing these on separate sheets you can create the image nodes on a single sheet to match these prints.

The first thing when creating these sheets is to set the size of the sheet. This will be the full sheet size you are printing to, typically 8x10

Then when you go to design the sheet add the specific image nodes and position them to make sure they are on the sheet without any bleed over.


If a studio is creating a my design to connect to the combo print they should be setting that design to match the largest image node on the combo print.

So for this 1-5x7 & 4 Wallets example the my design should be set to a 5x7 dimension.

Or if using Standard Prints you would use the 5x7 sheet

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