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PLIC Books: Setting up digital yearbooks
PLIC Books: Setting up digital yearbooks

Getting started with digital yearbooks

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To use digital yearbook, you have to have it enabled on your account by a Photolynx employee. Digital Yearbook's can be given as an add-on when selling from the Books Store. In order to sell through the Books Store, make sure that the add-on type is set to "Digital yearbook".

You can start a digital yearbook by clicking on the dropdown next to the Yearbooks button, and click on Create Digital Book. This option will only appear if the project has been submitted after 08/01/2020. If you do not have a submission that recent, go into the Yearbook and submit it again. After the render is done an option will show to create a digital yearbook.

At any time after, you can re-submit your Book and then update the digital yearbook the same way. Creating a yearbook from a render takes a few moments. During that time, your might see a message saying that it is still rendering. Once everything is done, when go to your digital book you will see a page similar to the one below. You can share this link with the school or as many parents as you need.

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