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Filtering Orders in Print Services
Filtering Orders in Print Services

Learn how to filter by order status and what each status means in Blueprint Lab

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How to apply a filter on the orders table

In Blueprint Lab > Fulfillment > Print Services, click the filter icon to apply a filter:

A few things worth knowing about the orders table:

  • Opening Blueprint Lab will default the table to all New orders.

  • Uncheck all filters to show all orders.

  • Mix filters for the perfect view

    • Example: New and Processing) to see New and Processing.

What does each status mean?




  • All orders start with New.

  • Lab auto-processing will automatically process New orders.

  • Need to re-print an order?

    • Locate the order (likely has status set to Processed or Shipped).

    • Change the status to New and auto-process will automatically reprint the order.


  • This is a status from our legacy software, Lab Manager.

  • No orders processed through Blueprint should have this status.


  • Is an order having issues?

    • Anything causing the order to fail will set the order status to Processing.

    • These orders will not print until the issue is resolved.

    • Reach out to IQ Product Support with the order number for assistance.


  • Order was successfully printed.

  • Status will apply automatically when order is printed.


  • When order is shipped, a user can set the order status to Shipped.

  • The studio will see this status applied to the order on their end.


  • Orders that are no longer needed (canceled) are archived.

  • This will remove them from the Processed and Shipped queues to keep Blueprint running at peak performance.

Date Range

Apply a date range to make order lookup faster or when looking for older orders.

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