When you open up Blueprint Lab it will default to show all New orders. If you select the filter icon you can change your view to show other order statuses.

If you uncheck all the filters then it will show all orders. If you have a couple of filters checked for example New and Processing then Blueprint will show those orders.

What does each status mean?


All orders when they first show up in the lab will be listed as New. If you have auto-process running then it will find the New orders and process those.

If you need to re-print an order you can locate the order likely under the Processed or Shipped queue and change the status to New to have auto-process run the order again.


This is a status option from our older Lab Manager software and you should not see any orders processed through Blueprint with this status.


If there are any issues with an order that causes it to fail to print then it will wind up in the Processing queue. These orders will not print until the issue is resolved with the order. Many times this is due to an image that failed to process

When you get an order like this it is best to email support at support@imagequix.com with the order number and we can review why the order will not process


This means the order has been printed. This status will change automatically once an order has been printed.


Once you ship out an order you can then go ahead and mark the order as shipped and the customer will see this status update on their end.


Orders that are no longer needed can then be marked archived. This will remove them from the processed and shipped queue to keep Blueprint running at peak performance.

Date Range

If you are looking for a specific order you can set a date range to find that order

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