If you select the check box next to orders in the lab you will see this Quick Menu that will allow you to make changes/updates to individual orders

Through the Quick Menu you will be able to Reset Orders, Remove the Lab Order ID, Edit Status of the order, Export and Print.

Reset Orders

Resetting orders will allow you to send an order back to the studio. So if a studio submits an order and there is an error or they need to make a change you can select to reset the order.

After you choose to reset an order a text prompt will come up asking you to verify you would like to reset the order. If you would like to continue resetting the order type in RESET.

Remove Lab Order ID

Use this to remove the Lab Order ID from the order. When orders are processed through the lab a Lab Order ID will be created. If this ID was incorrect or you want to re-download the order as a new order you can remove the Lab Order ID and have it generate a new ID when it is reprocessed.

Edit Status

When an order is sent to the lab you will always see it as a New order, when you print an order it will change to Processed. If there is an error processing the order the status will change processing.

Now you also have the ability to manually change the status of orders. For example if you want to mark a processed order as Shipped you can edit the status and change that for the order.


Use this to export the Smart Feed without having to Print the order


Select this to Print the order. This will only print selected orders.

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