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Blueprint Lab's Fulfillment Quick Menu
Blueprint Lab's Fulfillment Quick Menu

Learn how the Fulfillment Quick Menu lets you interact with one or many orders at once in Blueprint Lab

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Selecting a checkbox next to an order in Fulfillment shows the Quick Menu:

The available actions change switching between Print Services and Image Services.

Print Services Quick Menu

This menu lets you make various changes/updates to order(s), such as:

  • Reset Order

    • Sends order back to studio to edit/correct.

    • Required follow-up prompt to confirm and complete reset.

  • Remove Lab Order ID

    • Removes Lab Order ID currently applied to order.

      • Orders receive a Lab Order ID when set to Processed.

      • Remove the Lab Order ID to have it generate a new ID (and re-download) when reprocessed.

  • Edit Status

    • Order status starts with New status.

    • Order status is changed to Processed when printed.

    • Order status is changed to Processing when order printing failed.

    • Order status can always be manually set

      • Example: Changing an order status from Processing to Shipped

  • Export

    • Export the Smart Feed without printing the order

  • Print

    • Print selected orders

Image Services Quick Menu

  • Revert Images

    • Removes the serviced image from the selected orders.

    • Resets the selected image service orders status to New.

  • Download

    • Downloads images from selected orders to begin image servicing.

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