Open Blueprint Preferences > DP2:

Using DP2 to print? Make sure you setup Blueprint to submit orders correctly:



Layout Root

  • Where the DP2 layout files are pulled from.

  • This path should be the layout folder contained within the Eastman Kodak folder.

Command File

  • When Blueprint prints an order for DP2, a DP2 CMD file is made to import into DP2.

  • The folder you save the DP2 file can be any folder, but when running the import into DP2 confirm you're referencing this folder.

Job Files

  • Blueprint creates a job file for each order pulled down into DP2.

  • This should be stored within the job files folder within the Eastman Kodak folder.

Subject Info Table

  • The Subject Info Table tells DP2 what data to pull in and how to format it from Blueprint Orders.

  • The table is provided when you sign up with and inform ImageQuix of your intent on using DP2.

  • The info table will be added to the user definitions in the Eastman Kodak folder.

Set Order Status

  • Set the status of the orders in DP2.

Custom Order Function

  • You can identify custom functions to run when pulling down the orders into DP2.

  • These are functions already created in DP2 and ready to run on orders.

Image Option Processing

  • If you're skipping image services with Macros, then all image services with a macro will skip Image Services Fulfillment and go straight to fulfillment.

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