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What does the payout schedule look like?

We created some helpful graphics to help visualize the process:

For US customers:

  • Stripe offers daily payouts to your registered bank account or debit card.

  • The first payout will start on a business day approx. 48 hours after the first order.

  • Orders received over the (Fri-Sun) weekend will payout on the following Tuesday.

US customers also have access to instant payouts. Instant payouts will deposit all of the funds in your account within a few hours for a small fee of 1.5%.

💰 Instant payout restrictions:

  • Debit card setup under your account's Payout Details.

  • Your balance is greater than $1.00.

  • Payout amount cannot exceed $9,999.00 (due to IRS regulation).

🍁 For CA customers:

  • 7 day hold (due to banking regulations).

  • Stripe offers daily payouts to your registered bank account.

  • Your first payout will begin on a business day approximately 7 days after your first order.

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