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PLIC Books: Purchased Ads

Creating and administering yearbook ads from parents and businesses through PLIC Books

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Ads are only enabled when you are setup for orders through the PLIC Books Store. PLIC Books supports several different size options depending on how many ads you want to fit on each page:

  • Full Page

  • Half Page

  • Quarter Page

  • 1/8th Page

  • 1/9th Page

  • 1/10th Page

  • 1/12th Path

  • 1/14th Page

  • 1/16th Page

You can control which size ads you want to sell through the Store Settings page. When manually creating an ad, you can choose any size. When you manually create an ad, it won't be tied to an order.

Creating an ad through the Books Store or manually will create a new PLIC account for that user to work on their ad. During checkout they will be prompted to give their email, and after the order is placed they will be invited to PLIC Books to start working on their ad.

The ad users will have a special role called Store Designer. When looking at them on the Users tab, you will not be able to delete their user or change the role so they can complete their ads.

On the Ads tab you can see all of the ads for a book project, who is working on the ad, and the status of the ad. If the ad is from a Store order, it will also include information about that order.

Customers can design their ads in an interface similar to the layout designer. They can upload their own images and put text wherever they would like in the space given. The example below is a quarter page ad, so they can only put content in a quarter of the page. If they have purchased a full page ad, they can put content anywhere on the page. When they are done, they will click Finalize and Submit so that School Advisor's know that the ad is ready to be placed in the Book. After the ad has been submitted, the parent is not able to unlock it again themselves. A School Advisor or above is required to unlock it. Customers must design and submit their Ad before the deadline set in the Store Settings.

When a School Advisor logs into their book Composer, they will see a notification in the top right if there are ads that needs to be placed. On the left sidebar is a tab that will only show up if there are submitted ads: Purchased Ads. There will be a list of ads that are ready to be placed in the Book, and an indicator for whether the ad has already been placed somewhere in the Book.

When you drag an ad onto a page, you are asked where you want to put it. This is an example of a quarter page ad. Each of the different ad sizes will give you different options on where to place the book depending on how many ads can fit on a given page.

The content from the ad will be put on the page in the location specified. All of the content from the ad is editable so it can be tweaked and moved as needed. By default they start as grouped together, but can be ungrouped if you need to edit only part of an Ad.

If you want to flow multiple Ads onto a page at one time, you can select the option "Flow multiple ads onto page". This option will only show up if you have more than one unplaced Ad of the same size you have dragged onto the page. This option will auto flow however many Ads of the same size onto the page at once as will fix. For example with quarter page Ads, this will drag up to 4 ads at a time onto the page. The 4 ads will be placed in the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right spots respectively.

Some notes about tracking placement on a page:

  • In order to have the Ad shown as not on the page, you need to remove every part of the Ad from the page

  • If you unlock the ad and let the customer make changes, it does not track that those changes were not placed on the page yet

  • Replacing the entire page is the only way to reset the ad tracking

Users are warned about missing ads if they try to submit their yearbook without placing all of the ads. They will get this same warning if they open the Quality Report. They will also get a warning if there are purchased but not submitting ads still.


You have the option to set a deadline for your customers to submit their Ads by. It can be set by changing the option "User Design Deadline" at the bottom of your Store Settings. You will see this deadline in the bottom section of the design area to the left of the Finalized and Submit button. Customers will be sent an email reminder 7 days before the deadline, and once again on the day of the deadline if they have not submitted their Ads yet. Customers will not be able to edit or submit their Ads after the deadline unless you increase their deadline.

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