Can I use a pre-existing Stripe account with Blueprint?

No, you must create a new account by launching Stripe directly from Blueprint and following the signup process. You cannot use an already existing account created from Stripe.

How do I manage the Stripe account?

In Blueprint, open Preferences => Payouts. Click View account to access your Stripe portal. You can do things like:

  • View recent payouts

  • Update linked bank account or debit cards

  • Update personal and business details

  • Add authorized users to help manage your Stripe account

How can I limit who has access to the Stripe configuration?

We've added a new Permission Set, Payout Management, to let you control who has access to the Stripe portal:


  • Able to see Payouts tab under Preferences and see current balance.


Can I still delete cash/check orders?

Smart Workflow customers with cash/check orders can run into 3 possible scenarios:

  • Orders entered but not synced can be deleted as if never entered.

  • Orders synced with a status of new can be deleted ("status is set as Archived").

  • Orders synced with a status other than new cannot be deleted.

Are the fees ImageQuix collects on orders also refunded?

Full refunds will credit back the entire order, including commission and fees (usually within 3-5 business days). Partial refunds will credit back a proportionate amount of collected commission and fees to the rate returned.

I'm not seeing a prompt to setup a Stripe account in Blueprint

If you're not seeing the prompt to setup a new Stripe account in Blueprint, please verify you're on version 2020.3.7 or newer of Blueprint. You can always download the latest version of Blueprint here.

Note that you may need to close and reopen Blueprint for the prompt to appear.

You can always chat with us online using the messenger in the bottom-right corner to start getting assistance! ↘

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