The Order Numbers allows you to choose your own numbering/naming system for orders coming from the studios

When orders come down from the studio they will contain 3 sets of numbers.

  1. Lab order
  2. Service Order
  3. Online Order

The Online Order is the number generated for the entire order. This is the number generated on the order invoice that the customers will receive.

The Service Order is the number specific to the service that is fulfilling the order. So for example an order that has a Lab item, a my product (self-service item) and an ImageQuix digital download will contain 3 service orders. The lab will receive the service order specific to the product(s) they need to fulfill.

The Lab Order is the internal number that labs can use to track orders. This is what you can change within the Order Numbers section. Use this to identify the studio the orders came from or indicate that it is an IQ order

When creating order numbers the lab has a few options for fields to select:

  1. Custom 1
  2. Custom 2
  3. Custom 3
  4. Customer Order Number
  5. Service Order
  6. Sequential Number
  7. Lab Customer Account Number

Labs can add multiple fields to create their specific order number so for example they can combine Custom 1 with Sequential Number and wind up with a lab order that looks like this: IQ0001

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