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Managing sub licenses in PLIC
Managing sub licenses in PLIC

How to manage sub licenses, accounts, or studios in PLIC

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After logging into, go to the My Organizations tab on the left sidebar. From there, click on Sub Organizations.

If this is a new customer, click on the New Sub Organization button. If this is an existing customer, skip this step and click on the studio's name in blue on this page.

From this form, enter the studio's name and who your main contact is. Leave the role as Studio. If you have an internal ID that you use to track your studios, you can enter it in Short Code. When you are done, click Save Sub-Organization.

You should end up on the studio's information page no matter whether you just created this studio or it already existed. In this screenshot it is a new studio, so it does not have any licenses, users, schools, etc... First we are going to create a new sub license for this studio. Click on App Licenses.

Click on New License.

Since you are creating the license from the organization's page, it auto fills most of the information for you. If you have multiple PLIC apps you manage, you might have to change the Master License field. In this case I am creating a license for PLIC Elements, so I changed the Master License field to show that. The license defaults to expiring 1 year from today, but can be changed both now and after it is created.

After clicking Create License, you will be on the license page.

If this license is for PLIC Books or PLIC Go!, you will need to do one more step so your schools can use credits from your license. Click on Edit Details to go back into editing the license. You will check the box for "Automatically spend credits from master license when needed" and then click Save License.

From the license page click on the studio's name to go back to looking at the studio's information.

The last step will be inviting the studio to join PLIC. This time you are going to click on Users.

Click New User.

On this form, you will enter the new user's full name and their email address. You will generally want to leave the Enable for all licensed PLIC apps checkbox on. Those options are usually only used to limit what school users can do. Your studio users should have full access to all of the apps they are licensed for. Click Create User when you are done.

At this point an invitation will be sent to the new user's email. They will be prompted to set a new password before being able to login to PLIC.

At this point you are done! They will be in PLIC and not PLIC Elements, so you will need to instruct them to go to or whichever PLIC app you are inviting them to use.

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