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How to create a sheet or book of subjects

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On PLIC Elements, you should see Sheets as an option on the left hand side. Sheets functionality is a paid add-on. If you do not see Sheets as an option, you will need to contact the Office about how much it costs to upgrade to Sheets. Once here you will click on the green Sheet button with a plus next to it.

From here you will be asked about what type of sheet or book you want to create. You will need to know the outer size of the sheet, how large of margins around the outside you want to have between them, and how many rows/columns to have.


  • Sheet Dimensions: The width and height of the entire sheet or book to be printed

  • Margins: How many inches on each side you want to leave open for content such as page #s, headers, etc...

  • Layout Dimensions: How many columns or rows of layouts you want per page

  • Width/Height: This field will automatically calculate based on the number of columns and rows you put in. You can also override it with a specific number.

  • Spacing: The space between each layout in the sheet

  • Group By: The list of fields you want to group your subjects by. For example, if you set it to Grade, each grade will be on it's own page. If you set it to Project, it will put all subjects on the same set of pages.

  • Sort By: In each group, how you want the subjects sorted. The most common sort would be by name, but you can sort by any field you have imported data into PLIC.

  • Duplicate each subject: If you leave it at 1, each subject will only show on the page once. If you set it to 2, each subject will be on the sheet twice. The sort order will still the same, so it will still go Student 1, Student 1, Student 2, Student 2, etc...

  • Stack Sort: Sort the subjects in stack sort order

  • Include subjects without photos: By default subjects without photos won't be shown. If this option is checked, all subjects will be included in the render even if they don't have a photo to show.

When you first go into the Composer for a Sheet, it will be showing the layout cell editor. At the bottom is an option to switch to be editing the outer sheet. When editing the layout cell, all of the content you put on there will be reproduced for each subject on the sheet. When editing the outer sheet, the content will only be there once even if you put it over a layout cell. From there you can add headers, footers, or overlapping graphics.

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