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PLIC Elements: Proof Composites
PLIC Elements: Proof Composites

Starting a proof for composites in PLIC Elements

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First, you have to have rendered the composites at least once. If you haven't done that already, go into the Composer and click Preview Elements and then Preview Elements again.

Once you have rendered the composite at least once, you are ready to generate a proof. Go back to the Management screen and then click on the Proofs tab on the left. From that screen click Start New Proof.

On the next screen you will be asked to select from a list of renders to use for the proof. Click the most recent preview render to make a proof from all of the composite batches.

Once the proof has been created, you can copy the url and send it your customers yourself. You can also email your customers from our system with the blue mail button. Using this requires your customers to have unblocked emails from the domain. If your customers are having trouble receiving our emails, you can copy the url yourself and email it to your customers manually.

When your customers open the url, they will see something similar to the following screenshot. From here they can enter comments and approve or submit the proof for corrections.

Once your customer enters some comments, you will be able to see them from the same Proofs tab. There will be an overall indicator in the top right that shows if all proofs were approved or not. In the bottom is a per batch approval indicator. On the right are the comments they have added. You can click on the complete button in the Comments section to mark comments as fixed.

At the bottom is also a green eye button. If you click on it, your customers will not see the batch when they go to proof it.

If you want to receive email notifications every time a proof batch is accepted or rejected, go into Studio/Lab Settings and add your email to "Proof Status Email List". If you want to get an email notification every time a customer adds any comment, add your email to the setting "Proof Comments Email List".

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