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Merging Data in ImageMatch
Merging Data in ImageMatch

Merging Data in ImageMatch

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  1. Click File > Import Data

  2. Browse to your saved data file. Select it and click Open. (This file should be a .CSV or .TXT file, and it should not be currently open in another program)

  3. Select whether your data has a header, if so, define the start line. And identify how your data file is delimited, then click Next.

  4. Check that all of your fields are accurately mapped and click Next

  5. On your Import Wizard Step 4 of 4, check the top two boxes titled "Do not merge records with empty merge field values" and "Do not merge fields with empty values"

  6. Still on Step 4 of 4, check the box next to the unique data that is in both your data file and already existing Imagematch job (for example, Student ID)

  7. Click Finish

  8. A window will appear informing you of how many records are being merged. If it looks correct, click OK. Or Cancel if it doesn't seem correct and try your import on a different unique import field(s)

  9. Go to File>Save Job and either save your job as a new name or Overwrite your previously saved blank job

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