Images in the Hot folder, but Flow can’t see them

  • Change the destination in tethering software to point to the hotfolder
  • Change Hotfolder destination to point to tethering software destination
  • Images are raw in the hotfolder (Flow only sees .jpg and png, and take out all other file types)
  • Images are in reverse shot in the hotfolder
  • Close out and reopen Flow
  • Image count may have restarted from the camera
  • Images are not moving from the Hotfolder or back to Subject Record
  • Click on image first then add image
  • High resolution button turned on (turn it off)
  • Save subject record after editing and then add image
  • Hotfolder Missing
  • Reset Capture Screen Layout
  • Go to: C:\ProgramData\Flow\Config and delete the following files ONLY: DefaultDockSettings and DockSettings
  • Don’t see Import button on the Hotfolder window
  • Go to preferences, Capture, then the Metadata tab, and click on the check box to enable the Import button.
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