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Flow Hot Folder Issues
Flow Hot Folder Issues

Easy fixes for Flow Hot folder issues

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Images in the Hot folder, but Flow can’t see them

  1. Change the destination in tethering software to point to the hot folder

  2. Change Hotfolder destination to point to tethering software destination

  3. Images are raw in the hot folder (Flow only sees .jpg and png, and take out all other file types)

Images are in reverse shot in the hot folder

  1. Closeout and reopen Flow

  2. The image count may have restarted from the camera

Images are not moving from the Hotfolder or back to the Subject Record

  1. Click on the image first then add image

  2. High resolution button turned on (turn it off)

  3. Save the subject record after editing and then add the image

Hotfolder Missing

  1. Reset Capture Screen Layout under Preference>Capture>Reset Capture Screen Layout

  2. Go to: C:\ProgramData\Flow\Config and delete the following files ONLY: DefaultDockSettings and DockSettings

Don’t see the Import button on the Hotfolder window

  1. Go to Preferences, Capture, then the Metadata tab, and click on the check box to enable the Import button.

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