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Photolynx CamLynx User's Manuals

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CamLynx® is an on-site capture and data collection system, which uses professional digital cameras to produce a multitude of products for Event, School and Sports photography.

* CamLynx is no longer being updated or developed. However, we have newer Capture options like Flow and Blueprint *

CamLynx Basic Setup

Just starting out with CamLynx? Here’s how to set up a new job.

Barcode Package Entry Method

For ease of package entry, you can use your barcode scanner. This manual will show you how.

How to Make a Package Program

This document outlines how to set up packages in CamLynx.

Creating a Proof Sheet Template

This document will take you through the process of setting up your first Proof Sheet Template.

How to use a Green Screen Workflow with CamLynx

Shooting Green Screen? We got you covered in this “how to” guide.

Green Screen ID Cards

We show you how to do create ID Cards when shooting Green Screen.

How to create Dynamic Data ID Cards

We show you how to do create ID Cards that have the Background or logos change when the data changes. Automatically!

How to merge data

We show you hot to merge data into existing jobs.

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