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Proof MyClass Manual

Photolynx Proof MyClass User's Manual

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Updated over a week ago® and© allows a photographer or lab to upload the school’s images and corresponding data from ImageMatch© to be proofed for data corrections, final layouts, yearbook and admin CDs. The school goes to®, verifies that the names and photos are correct, and makes changes as needed. The corrections are then returned to the photographer or lab and imported back into ImageMatch©. Users can also provide their schools with the images and data needed for yearbook and admin software without the need to burn to a CD.

Instructions for Proof My Class and Proof My Team School or League

The “Proof My Class for the School or League” is a guide that the studio can give to the school that shows them how to log into PMC/PMT and proof the jobs that were uploaded and how to edit where needed.

Proof My Class and Proof My Team for Labs

“Proof My Class for Labs” shows a lab how to set up their client studio accounts in PMC and PMT as well as how to add credits for them to use to set up their own schools/leagues.

Proof My Class and Proof My Team Studio Guide

The “Proof My Class Studio Guide” contains everything you need to know to get your jobs from ImageMatch and uploaded into Proof My Class/Team as well as how to import the edited data back into your job. This guide is for studios using PMC/PMT and for businesses that are vertically integrated and using PMC/PMT.

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