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Dynamic Layouts - ID Cards

Create dynamic graphics that change based on a subject data field

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Graphics Setup

  • Figure out which Graphics component you want to Dynamically replace based on the contents of a Flow field(s)

  • Change the Background image of an ID Card based on the “Grade” field

  • Add a Student Activity Logo based on the “ASB” field

  • Add a Dance logo for students to pay extra to go to all dances

  • Many more uses!

Example - This example shows changing an ID Card Background based on the “Grade” field:

  • Create a different Graphic image for every grade and Name your Graphics filenames to match your Field string (look through your data to see the exact strings to use):

  • [Grade].png will be used as a default Image (when there isn't anything in the Grade field). If you want NOTHING to display if there is no String match for the field, do NOT create this image file.

  • 9.png will be used for the 9th Grade subjects

  • 10.png will be used for the 10th Grade subjects

  • Staff.png will be used for the Staff Grade subjects

  • Use as many Graphics replacements per layout as needed

Layouts Setup

  • Open the Layout to add the Dynamic Replacement

  • Add or modify the Graphic you want to Dynamically change

  • Choose the [Grade].png image (this will give you a default image if there is no matching field strings) OR modify the image Path to use [Grade].png without an actual [Grade].png file existing in the folder (this will display nothing if there is no string match for the field)

  • Save the Layout


  • Once you have the Graphics and Layouts set up, you don’t have to do anything else!

  • When you Print or Render your Layouts, we automatically go through and change the Graphics for you based on the contents of the field

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