Importing Images

Images can be imported manually or automatically by inserting an SD card or by setting up a hot folder.

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Importing Images Which Already Exist on Your Computer

There are two ways to open the Import Image dialog box:

  1. From the Project Page, click on Import Images.

2. Click on Open next to the project you want to work on. This will bring you to the Capture tab where you can click on Import Images.

Images can now be imported from anywhere on your computer. Choose which project and photographer the images belong to, or add a new one if it doesn't already exist. If all the images being imported were taken on a green screen, you can check off the Knockout Greenscreen checkbox to extract the green screen on import.

Setting up a Hot Folder to Import Images

In the settings, choose your hot folder location. If you want the images to import automatically from the hot folder, make sure the Auto Import Images from Hot Folder feature is on.

When automatically importing images from a hot folder, it is best to have the Auto Display Last Imported Image feature off. This will avoid interruption if you are in the middle of working on another project/image.

Importing Images from an SD card

To automatically import images from an SD card, you must turn on the Detect SD Card for Import feature in the settings. As soon as an SD card is inserted into your computer, the images will import automatically.

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