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How do I set up user roles and user actions in PLIC Books?
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By default, your user will be the only user listed under the Users menu. To create more users, click the green Create User button. Completely fill out the new user’s information including their Full Name and Email address. Click the Organization box to select your organization name from the drop down that appears. You then must choose a Role for this user. For a listing of what each user role does, please contact the PhotoLynx team.

User Actions

Once you set up a new user’s account, you have a few options available for you as well. Next to their information you will see an Actions drop down menu. Here you will have the option to Edit Role, Edit Manager Role or Delete User.

You can make any user manage any sub-organization you have set up in PLIC Books. This will allow it so as this user logs into PLIC Books, they will only see the projects you have assigned to a specific sub organization. From their Actions menu, click Edit Manager Role. From here, turn on the slider under User Manages Sub Organizations. Then select the sub organization for them to manage under Sub Organizations.

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