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How can I keep track of who ordered a yearbook?

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Your Orders menu is a quick and easy way to keep track of who ordered a yearbook. You can manually enter orders here, or you can import orders by uploading a CSV file. You also have the ability to export any orders entered as a CSV file as well. To manually create an order:

  1. Click the green Create Order button

  2. Enter the First Name, Last Name, Teacher, and Grade information

  3. Type in how many books this person ordered under Quantity

  4. Type in how much they paid under Order Total

  5. If they ordered any personalization, type their specific personalization under Personalization Notes

  6. Press the green Save Button

To import a CSV file of orders, such as a report from any orders made from an online vendor, press the blue Import Orders button and browse out for the CSV file to import. On the main Orders screen, you will see who was and was not a manual entry.

You can edit any order by pressing the gray Order Information button. To delete any order, press the red Delete button. To export out a CSV file of all orders in PLIC Books, press the orange Export CSV button.

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