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How do I edit my project once it's been created?

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Once your project is set up, you have several options to further edit your project. Click on the down arrow next to the green Yearbook button. Here you will see Project Settings, Upload Subjects, Download Cover, Reset Book and Delete Project.

  • Project Settings – Click this option to edit any of your project settings you had currently set up, including the Name, Season, Book Format, Workflows, Yearbook Behaviors (including the ability to Hide page numbers in your yearbook, Lock covers from being edited, Allow the margins to be changed and Lock customers out from making changes) and Print Information (including the Number of pages the book needs to have and the Number of copies to print).

  • Upload Subjects – Click this option to upload additional subjects to your project

  • Copy From Previous Year- This would copy last years book into this year to use as a template

  • Create Template- Click here if you want to create a template using this book

  • Download Cover – Click this option to download and preview the cover once the book was submitted for this yearbook

  • Reset Book – Click this option to completely wipe out and reset your yearbook

  • Delete Project – Click this project to completely delete your project

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