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Creating Events with optional CaptureLife integration

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Events are another option you can use to receive candid images. Events are tied to a candid album by default, unless you explicitly turn it off. You can access the Events tab from the left, and then click on Create Event to get started.

Next you will need to tell us a little about the event you are going to be gathering candids for. Below you will find an example for a school field trip.

After clicking on Save, you should see the newly created event. In order to get candids of this event, you will want to click on View Photos.

After someone has uploaded some photos, you will see them on this screen. For now, look at the top right and you will see a text box with a link to send to parents to upload their photos to. There is also a green copy button you can click to more quickly copy the link to paste into an email or text message.

When parents upload photos through that guest link, they will need to go through the standard approval process. They will show up under Candid Photos -> Awaiting Approval. Once approved, they will be added to the event album, and will show up when you look at the album from the Events tab or the Book designer.

Optional CaptureLife Integration

PLIC Books offers optional integration with CaptureLife. When enabled, parents can also be invited to and upload pictures from the CaptureLife app. The images will then be directly sent to the event album you created.

When CaptureLife is turned on, you will see some additional options when creating an event. The toggle will say CaptureLife Story instead of Has Photos. You will also see an option to add event contributors during creation as well as later during editing. This is the list of emails you wish to invite to the contribute to the Story. Everyone in this list will get an invite to download the CaptureLife app and contribute pictures to the event. If they download the app ahead of time, they will also be reminded when the event starts to add pictures to the Story.

After parents have uploaded some photos to the event, when you click on the green CaptureLife button from the Events tab, you will see that you have some photos awaiting approval. Click on the orange button to view the photos which are available.

Next, click on the photos you want to approve, and then click the green Approve button. Now those approved photos are available to be used in your Book!

  • Note: Contact PhotoLynx to work out pricing details for integrating CaptureLife into your Workflow.

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