Events are another option you can use to receive candid images. Events works hand in hand with your Capture Life account. You simply set up an event, such a “Zoo Field Trip” and have your parents/teachers upload images while at the zoo field trip to the capture life app. The images will then be directly sent to your Candid Images with the event tag you created. To create an Event:

  1. Under your Menu click Events

  2. Click the green Create Event button

  3. Type in the Name of your event

  4. Select your Start Time and End Time

  5. If you would like, you can type a Description. This is optional

  6. Turn on the option to say that this is a CaptureLife Story

  7. Press the green Save Button

When your parents/teachers/students sign onto their capture life app, they will see your event listed. Have them simply upload their images of the event to this Capture Life event. These images will come back to you in your Candid Photos section, tagged with the event name specified.

  • Note: Contact PhotoLynx to work out pricing details for integrating CaptureLife into your Workflow.

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