Before a school can get started building their yearbook, you must first get the school’s project set up. To do this:

  1. Click on the Schools option in your left side menu
  2. Press the green Create Organization button to set up your school contact info for the first time Note: If you had previously set up this organization, skip to step 3
  3. Press the blue Create Project button
  4. Completely fill out your Create Project screen
  5. Select the Organization
  6. Type in the Project Name
  7. Choose your Season
  8. Select your Book Format
  9. Select your Workflow
  10. Select your Project Settings:
  11. If you wish to not show any page numbers in your book, slide the slider for Hide Page Numbers in Yearbook until it is highlighted blue
  12. If you have created a cover for your school and you wish to make it to where they are unable to edit this cover, slide the slider for Lock Covers from being edited until it is highlighted blue
  13. To allow your users to edit the margins of their pages, slide the slider for Allow the margins to be changed until it is highlighted blue
  14. To lock your yearbook down from having any other changes made, slide the slider for Lock customers out from making changes until it is highlighted blue
  15. Completely fill in your Print Information:
  16. Type in the Number of Copies to Print
  17. Type in the Number of Pages the Book Needs to Have
  18. Press the green OK button to save and close. Or to exit without saving, press the red Cancel button
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