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PLIC Books - Uploading Candid Photos
PLIC Books - Uploading Candid Photos

How do I get images to use for collages in PLIC Books?

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PLIC Books has made it easy for you to receive images from parents, teachers, students etc. for candid images throughout the school year. By creating a unique URL for them to upload images to you, PLIC Books has made adding images directly for you to choose from a breeze.

Creating a Unique URL

  1. Under your Menu, select Candid Photos

  2. Select your school you wish to have your guests upload to by selecting it at the top of your screen

  3. Click the green + create album.

  4. PLIC Books will create a unique Guest URL. Simply copy this URL and share it to those who wish to upload images to you

Uploading Images Using the Unique URL

  1. Open the unique URL created by PLIC Books – you will be taken to the upload screen

  2. If you wish to create a tag for a group of images (for example: Zoo Trip), type the name above the blue Upload Your Photos button.

  3. Click the blue Upload Your Photos button and select which images you wish to upload

  4. Once you have selected all the images you wish to upload, click the green Start Uploading button – You will see your images begin uploading

  5. Once the upload process is finished you will get a notification saying Uploads Finished

Selecting and Organizing your Candids

  1. As your images are uploaded, you will see them displayed in your Incoming Candids screen. You can then organize them into different album (For Example: Farm Field Trip, Teacher Appreciation Day, Mrs. Smith’s class, etc.)

  2. To create an album, click the green plus sign. Type in your Album name and click the green OK button. Or to cancel without saving, click the red Cancel button Note: To delete an album, click the red X button

  3. To move images into your album, first click the red button that states you have candids awaiting approval. Once there, click on the image until you see a blue check mark in the top right hand corner. Select which album to move them into under the drop down and click the green Approve for album button

  4. You can also manually upload images into any folder. Back in your main Candid Photos folder, select which subfolder to upload into and press the gray Upload button. Then either Select file(s) or Select Folder of images. Once selected, press the green Start Uploading button to manually upload your images.

Your candid images are now uploaded and organized so you can add them to your Candid Layout sheets in your yearbook!

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