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How do I edit my subject's information or move them to another class?

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Once you have all your subjects uploaded to PLIC Books, you have further abilities to ensure they are listed properly. Your subjects listed under Subject Management will be batched by Teacher. To change your batch from Teacher to Grade:

  1. If you have more than one Yearbook available, ensure you are looking at the correct project by selecting the project name at the top of the screen

  2. Change your batching from Teacher to Grade by clicking the blue Filter By button and select Grade. (Or you can select Grade by Teacher) You will get a warning saying you are going to recreate your batches. Press the green OK button

  3. You will now see a preview of all your subjects with the headers by Grade rather than Teacher. To change this back, simply select Teacher from the filter again. Note:Keep in mind this will destroy any pages you have previously worked on and recreate them

  4. To move subjects from one batch to another, simply drag their image to the corresponding batch title. You will get a pop up asking if you want to Copy or Move your subject. Choose the option that best suits you Note:To move a group of subjects at one time, simply hold down the CTRL key and select each student you wish to move before dragging

Subject Management Options

You have the ability to edit your subjects from the Subject Management Screen. Your options are:

  1. Edit – Press this option to change any Name spellings. You can also select a different Grade and Teacher field from the corresponding drop down menus. Any changes made will be highlighted in blue. Press Save to save your changes or Cancel to exit without saving

  2. Options Press this option to specify Staff members, the Staff Priority (which order they are listed on the page) and whether you want this subject to Display In All batches. You can also specify any Staff Prefix you wish to display with their name (such as Mr., Mrs., etc.) as well as their Title (such as Principal, Advisor, Teacher, etc.) Press OK to save your changes or Cancel to exit without saving Note:One a subject has been listed as Staff, a red star icon will appear in the top right hand area of their record

  3. Edit Batch Names – To change the name of your batch, or to delete an entire batch hover over the batch name and select either Rename or Delete. To Rename type in the new name of the batch and press OK to save. Press Cancel to exit without saving. Delete will completely remove this batch from the job

Adding New Batches/Subjects

You can manually add new subjects and batches in PLIC Books if this information was not included in the initial subject upload.

Adding New Batches

  1. Click the green plus sign in your Subject Management toolbar

  2. Type in your Batch Name

  3. Press OK to save and close or press Cancel to close without saving

Adding New Subjects

  1. Click the green plus sign at the bottom of your selected batch to start adding a new subject

  2. Press the teal Portrait button to upload an image of the subject

  3. Enter the subject’s data in its entirety in the correct fields Note: The Grade and Teacher will auto populate for the batch you are in

  4. Press the green Add button to save and close, or press The red Cancel button to close without saving

Searching Subjects

To search all your batches for a specific subject, type the subject’s name in the search bar at the top right corner of your screen. Your results will show everyone listed with that name, and the name of which batch they are listed under. From here you can Edit their data or change their Options.

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