When you go to upload subjects, you will first be presented with a list of fields. You will need to add some custom fields in order to use the church templates properly. Click on the Add field button to add additional fields:

Which fields you will need depends on what you want to show up in the Book. If you have want the address displayed, you will need Street, City, State, and Zip. If you want phone numbers displayed you will need Phone Number 1, etc... The fields you might need to add are:

  • Child 1, Child 2, Child 3, Child 4, Child ...however many children your largest family has

  • Street

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Phone Number 1, Phone Number ...however many phone numbers you want displayed

  • Email OR Email 1, Email 2, etc...

Once you are done adding all of your required fields you will select Select Folder, then select the folder with all of the images and an csv index file.

On the next page you will be prompted to map every field to the column of data in the index file. When you are done it might look something like the following:

After you have all of the data mapped you will press Start Uploading.

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