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Using sub-organizations in
Using sub-organizations in

Learn how to group + relate multiple projects together using sub-organizations in

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In, your studio is also referred to as an organization. An organization can have multiple sub-organizations, which help studios keep many projects grouped together under a common reference.

🍎 Example: In school photography - a studio may create a sub-organization for each school account photographed.

🏈 Example: In sports photography - a studio may create a sub-organization for a league and create projects for each event photographed.

Creating sub-organizations in

After logging into, select My Organizations β†’ Sub-Organizations:

With sub-organizations, you can manage things like:

  • App Licenses

  • Users

  • Projects

  • Project Templates

  • Catalogs

  • Order Forms

  • Albums

Select a name to open an existing sub-organization, or create a new one:

When creatin a new sub-organization, you'll need to fill out the following information:

  • Name

  • Role (Customer or Studio)

  • Contact Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Short Code (up to 9 characters)

❗Sub-organizations with the Studio role will have access to sensitive studio settings in PLIC. We recommend creating sub-organizations with Customer roles.

Deleting sub-organizations in

In, open My Organizations and select a name to open a sub-organization. The option to delete a sub-organization will be towards the top of the screen:

You'll need to acknowledge the message confirming you would like to delete and remove everything from that sub-organization to finish.

When done, that sub-organization will be deleted.

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