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How do I rename images in FLOW?
How do I rename images in FLOW?

Renaming images in Flow

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Renaming Images

Similar to Event Triggers, you can set up Flow® to rename your images under the Image Options tab in your Project Templates, or individually under your Project Preferences. Note: The renaming process happens when the image moves from the Hot folder to the subject’s record. You cannot rename images already assigned to records.

  1. Select Add Prefix to the filename and select a field to use to add a prefix to the original filename.

  2. Select Replace the original filename and select a field to use to completely replace the original filename.

  3. To have more than one field selection, check the box on the second (and third if needed) drop-down.

  4. You can choose your Field Separator to be a dash or an underscore

  5. Flow® will automatically add a sequence number to the end of each image name to prevent images from overwriting each other. By default, this sequence is the order of the images you take, not the sequence for the subject. To change this:

  6. Select Preferences in the top right of your screen

  7. Select Capture

  8. Check the Start Image number at 00001 for each subject

  9. Press Save and go back to your Project screen

  10. Press Save

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