In Blueprint you have the ability to create multiple catalogs then choose to assign those catalogs to only a select amount of studios.

To get started single click on the catalog you want to assign.

Once you've selected the catalog this menu will come up on the right side of the screen

You will now scroll down to catalog permissions where you will see two options

  1. Everyone
  2. Selected Studios


This means anyone who has access to your lab through ImageQuix will have access to this catalog.

This also does mean that studios who are just getting started with the lab would have access to this catalog and could start placing orders before the Lab has had the ability to create an account for said customer.

Selected Studios

This options allows you the ability to choose a catalog for specific studios.

Once you have selected studios marked you can then select edit permissions and a list of all the studios that are attached to the lab will then show up.

From there you can select the studios who you would like to give access to this catalog.

Click on the + icon to select that studio then select the back arrow next to Edit Permissions to get back to the previous menu

Now Save and your new catalog permissions are assigned.

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