Revert a Job back to your Cloud Copy

Let's face it - weird stuff happens.

Sometimes you need to "roll back" and undo a change you did whether it was on accident or with purpose, small or large. We can quickly undo all local changes made to a Job and revert back to the pristine cloud copy if you didn't sync your changes.

On Job Settings, click on the Job Data section and click on the red revert button. You'll receive a prompt that you're about to delete all local changes made to the Job that you must answer affirmatively to in order to complete the action.

NOTE: The revert button will be inactive if no changes are detected on your local copy.

Having the ability to "roll back" to a recent and good version of a job can be the difference between additional minutes or hours added to your workflow. Revert becomes more powerful and "life-saving" the more frequent you sync your local changes back to the cloud - so be sure to sync often! :)

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