Where do I get started?

Click on the Tools drop-down in the Job you want to export data out of and select Export.


Exporting Data + Images

There are 3 different types of data exports you can choose from in a Job:

  • Subject Data & Images

  • Subject Data only

  • Images only

After choosing your export type, enter the export folder's name and location to continue


File Format

This page will allow you to customize the file format that is exported. The following fields to customize are:

  • FileName: The default value for your export is [Job Title]_[Job ID].

  • Format: Choose between a .csv or .txt data file

  • Separator: Specify the character separating fields in your data file. You can also Quote Qualify fields in the data file and choose to add or remove data headers

  • Images: Choose between single image per row or to combine all images into one cell with a secondary delimiter (such as: "1.jpg|2.jpg")

  • Line Break: Choose the Line Break method that matches the desired Operating System

  • Replace Empty Fields With: You have the option to replace empty cells in the exported data file with custom text.

When finished selecting your file format options, click the green Next button to continue

Subject Data

The Subject Data page of the Export Wizard will let you select, organize, and rename data fields. The default view includes all used Subject Data fields. Click on the checkbox in-between each Subject Data field to rename it as needed. Use the red trash can icon to remove the data from the export.



This page will allow you to customize the image format that is exported. The following fields to customize are:

  • Image Selection: Choose between All Images, All Images (except Hidden), and all Primary Images

  • Format: Choose between JPG, PNG, and TIFF

  • Image Organization: Choose to combine all images into a single folder or to split the images into sub-folders based on certain subject data.

  • Thumbnails: Choose to export thumbnails into a separate folder along with the images

  • Modify Images: Change the Size, Zoom, Crop, Color and Tone of all images before export

  • File Name: Choose to export the images with their original filename, their unique name generated by Blueprint, a custom file name using 2 subject data fields around a separator, or start a sequential filename on export.

When finished, click on the green export button to begin the export task. you'll receive a notification when complete.

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