What is a Price Sheet?

A Price Sheet is used to organize various prints, products, services, and backgrounds that your customers can purchase from while visiting their online gallery. You can also create packages and offers to entice and incentivize them to spend more.

Click on the Price Sheets tab to view all of your studio's price sheets in Blueprint:

Opening a Price Sheet:

Click on a Price Sheet name in the table to bring up the Price Sheet editor. You can also create a brand new one with the green + New button in the top right corner.

Adding sections to your Price Sheet:

There are four different sections inside a Price Sheet:

  • Categories: prints, products, specialty items, a la carte items, etc. 
  • Image Options: retouching, blemish removal, brace removal, etc.
  • Order Options: expedited shipping, special packaging. etc.
  • Backgrounds: background image sets for green screen poses.

**NOTE: Empty sections will be skipped entirely during the order process**

You can add to each section by using the big, green + button to add a section grouping. Add as many as needed to better organize and present your studio's product offerings to your clients. Use the pencil icon in the middle of the screen to rename the section grouping. 

You'll want to name it something easily recognizable for your clients to understand what the grouping contains:

PRO TIP: Use multiple category groupings for your Packages, A La Carte, Specialty Items, and Special Offers to make it easy for your clients to find their next purchase.

PRO TIP: Package information supersedes product information in the Price Sheet. Clients will only see the package attributes if both a package and a product within the package have been customized. This excludes the Display Image and Name attributes.

How can I tell who is fulfilling my products and services?

Blueprint offers your studio to fulfill from three different places:

  • Self-Fulfilled: The studio prints and ships the orders
  • Lab-Fulfilled: The order is automatically sent to your lab for fulfillment
  • Digitally-Fulfilled: The order is fulfilled using the IQ Digital Delivery Service

You can easily confirm where each product or service is being fulfilled by viewing the text underneath the product name in the Price Sheet. ImageQuix products and services are labeled in blue text. Lab-Fulfilled products and services are labeled in green text. Self-fulfilled products and services are labeled in black text.

Rearranging items in the Price Sheet

Click on a package or product to select the item and drag-and-drop to reposition your selection on the Price Sheet. Notice the blue line appear in the background that indicates where you'll drop the item.  You can also drag-and-drop products into packages.

Pro Tip: Arrange your products and services descending in price to increase your average order amount.

Remember to save your changes!

Click on the green Sync button in the top-right corner to save your changes. You can also click on the revert button to remove any changes you've made to the Price Sheet. You'll receive a notification that the sync is complete once finished.

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