How do I sell digital images using the ImageQuix service? 

To get started, you'll need to add a digital download product from our catalog to your price sheet. In your catalog view on the right, open the Digital Downloads catalog to find our digital delivery products. The 5 resolution options to choose from are:

  • 200px

  • 400px

  • 800px

  • 1600px

  • Highest Resolution - This will send the source image resolution (up to 6000px)

The digital download product will automatically downsize the images ordered for the specific resolution by making non-destructive edits upon order.

How long does it take for the client to receive the files?

Typically, customers receive an email containing their download link instantly after completing the order - but we recommend advertising a wait time if you're offering retouching. The link will be valid for 30 days and will download a compressed .zip folder. Below is an example of what the email looks like:

After clicking the Download Images Now button in the email, the customer's browser will download the compressed .ZIP folder.

NOTE: iOS devices currently do not support downloading this folder type without a third-party app like WinZip.

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