What are Discount Codes?

Discount Codes are codes that you create in Blueprint that can offer your clients a specific dollar or percentage amount off either the entire order or from specific products. 

Where can I find my Discount Codes?

You can manage your Discount Codes on the Shopping Cart section of Blueprint. Once you click on Shopping Cart in the black navigation bar, click on the tile Create Discount Codes on the far-right. 

You'll be taken to a screen that shows all your created Discount Codes. Click on any existing code to modify it's attributes - or click on the green New button to create a brand new Discount Code.

Discount Code Types

The three different types of Discount Codes that can be created are:

  • Global: The Discount Code works for any active Job or specified Job Types.
  • Job Specific: The Discount Code works for the specified Job.
  • Based On Order: The Discount Code will generate after the Subject makes a qualifying purchase.

Each code can contain up to a maximum of 15 characters and is case-sensitive.

Discount Code Attributes

Be sure to take advantage of configuring additional settings for your Discount Codes to customize each code to fit your specific needs. The available configurations are:


Set if the Discount Code is a single-use or can be used multiple times


Set the minimum order dollar amount needed in the customer's cart before the Discount Code will work.


Set the Discount Amount the code will take off order total. You can change the value to be either a percentage or dollar amount.


Set the expiration date of the discount code to automatically shut off once the specified date has been reached.

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