What is a Discount Code Based on Order?

A Discount Code Based on Order is a type of discount code that is given to a subject automatically after a qualifying purchase has been made. The Discount Code can then be applied automatically on their next order.

How do I use my Discount Code Based on Order?

There's two steps to setting up a discount code based on order. They are:

What are the unique options for this code type?

For the following example - we've created a Discount Code Based on Order with the following configurations:


  • Use a random code generated by Blueprint
  • Use specified subject data of your choosing or a combination of subject data with specific text appearing before or after the defined subject data.


  • Have the discount auto-populate and apply on the customer’s next order. If this isn’t checked, the customer will still see a list of all available codes during check-out.

How do I attach a discount code to a Price Sheet?

Open a Price Sheet and select a Print, Product, Package, or Option placed on your Price Sheet to customize it using the attribute editor. Attaching the discount code to your selected item is essentially the same as defining the qualifying purchase a customer needs to make to receive a discount on their next purchase.

Be sure to sync and save your changes!

How can I see if a subject has used a discount code?

A newly-created Discount section will appear in Subject Data for the subject that has made a qualifying purchase.

What does the client see at check-out? 

In the Cart Summary at check-out, the customer will see their available discount codes underneath the order total. Having auto-populate on next order enabled will have the discount code has already been entered and applied to their order.

If a client has more than one discount code assigned to them, the cart will automatically apply the best code available to the client.

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