How do I create a proof sheet in Blueprint?

Open the My Designs section of Blueprint, and click on the Add Product button to select Proof Sheet in the drop-down list:

You'll need to enter specifics like the design name, dimensions, and pages. When finished, click on the design button to enter the product builder:

What are the unique options available for Proof Sheets?

  • Pages: Specify if the proof sheet will use a single template for each page or have a separate template for the front page.

  • Image Grid Layer: In the product builder for proof sheets, you'll see a new layer called the Image Grid available to you. Along with your typical sizing and positioning tools, you'll see options to:

  1. Set the number of columns and rows to appear in the grid.

  2. Set the number percentage of spacing for your rows and columns.

  3. Allow the inclusion of group images into the proof sheet.

  4. Allow the inclusion of image filenames in the grid (with additional text formatting)

**NOTE: An Image Grid is required to be on the Proof Sheet design for it to work**

Sync to save your changes and you'll have now successfully created a proof sheet in Blueprint!

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