What is the Yearbook Selection Tool?

The yearbook selection tool allows you to collect up to two yearbook selections made by either your clients in the shopping cart or your studio staff in Blueprint. Selections can then be exported after the deadline via Export Templates.

Blueprint supports the most popular Yearbook Admin exports including PSPA and PowerSchool.

How do I turn on Yearbook Selection?

To enable the Yearbook Selection tool, go to your Job Settings tab and select the Yearbook section.


Select the number of poses you would like to allow clients to select (1 or 2). Select 0 to turn off the tool.


Include a message or instructions to your clients once they start Yearbook Selection.


Assign a date that all selections must be submitted by. After this date, clients will no longer be able to make selections.

PRO TIP: Send out an email reminder to clients that haven't made selections prior to the due date. 

How do I use the Yearbook Selection Tool?

Here's a look at the Yearbook tool in action from a client's gallery:

And here's a look at the selections in Blueprint via the Images screen using filters:

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