ImageQuix price sheets support several product types:

Product Types


ImageQuix Digital Downloads are essentially collections (see below) that are immediately delivered to your clients via email. To download images, your client simply needs to select the download option within their email and save the zip file and extract to their device. 

NOTE: Windows & Mac computers come with default programs to extract zip files. While there are third-party apps to download images on Smart Phones, we recommend downloading on desktop or laptops at this time. 

ImageQuix offers the following Digital Download options:

  • 200px

  • 400px

  • 800px

  • 1200px

  • Hi-Resolution / 3200px the long way


Collections should be used when you need to collect a range of images (i.e., 1-1, 1-1-100, 10-20, etc.) and you don't need a defined width & height assigned to the product. This type of product is perfect for albums or CDs. 


Print products have a defined width & height and require at least one image node. Remember, you can create your own prints via My Designs, use ImageQuix Standard Prints or use a Lab Catalog to add prints to your price sheet. 


These are default prints offered through ImageQuix.  These can either be self-fulfilled or sent to a connected Lab partner.


Lab products are available through the lab your account is connected to. Each lab partner is required to have at least one catalog, but some labs may have several. Products added from your lab's catalog will be set to go directly to the lab when ordered.

Remember, you can fulfill your My Designs prints directly to your lab. To do so, add your My Design or Standard Print to price sheet > select product > Choose Fulfillment and select lab > Choose product and select a product. 


Product Options can be associated to products in My Designs. If you're using a product from your lab's catalog your lab is responsible for adding the product options. Contrarily, if you're fulfilling the product you need to add and associate the product options through your catalog (My Designs). 

Product Options are great for offering up-sell options including frames, borders and additional prints. 


To add Image Options select the + icon next to the Image Options category on the price sheet and choose the image option you want to offer on your price sheet. These type of options are used for retouching, braces removal, stray hair removal, etc., as they apply to a specific image. 

You should only used self-fulfilled image options or image options from the lab catalog you're sending orders to from the price sheet. 


To add Order Options select the + icon next to the Order Options category on the price sheet and choose the order option you want to offer on your price sheet. Order options are great for packaging or shipping options as they apply to the entire order.  

You should only used self-fulfilled order options or order options from the lab catalog you're sending orders to from the price sheet.*


If you're creating a price sheet for a green screen job then you'll need to add backgrounds. In all scenarios, you can add backgrounds from your catalog or your lab's.

You can add several background sets and backgrounds to your price sheet; you can even up-sell clients by offering premium backgrounds for a fee! To add a fee, edit the Price Attribute after selecting the background set on your price sheet. You can also add you background set fee to the background set in My Designs when adding your backgrounds to your catalog. 

Once you add backgrounds to your price sheet you'll need to go back into the price sheet settings and configure the setting for Pre-order Background Selection Type. This option is utilized for your pre-order green screen jobs as it allows your clients - or staff using order entry - to select a single background per order or per product. 

Offers and Rules

You can set offers with requirements for allowing purchasing. You can have multiple rules but only one purchase criteria. 

Purchase Criteria - Is purchase limitations on this Category. Examples are Limit to one item only or must purchase one. 

Rules - Is the purchase requirements to access the category. Examples are Minimum Purchase Amount or a Certain Product from a Certain Category. 


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