How do I get paid?

ImageQuix submits payouts via direct deposit every Friday once your minimum payout amount and payout frequency has been met. For example: If you are setup to receive payouts every week and your payout minimum is $50, you will be paid out on Friday for all orders through the previous Monday. 

How do I change my payout settings?

Click on "Name @ Studio Name" in Blueprint and select Preferences in the drop-down. You'll find the following options available under the Payout Options group:

The minimum order amount can be set as high as you like, or as low as $50. Once your minimum amount has been met you will be eligible to receive a payout. 

This option can be set to Every Week, Every 2 Weeks, or Every 4 Weeks. 

We recommend this is the first thing you complete when you setup your ImageQuix account. Depending upon your bank's turnaround time, your direct deposit will be setup within 1-2 weeks.

Need to make a change? Get a new form and email it to 

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