What is the Advanced section?

The Advanced section in Blueprint Preferences contains useful tools to assist you with troubleshooting issues as well as resetting specific screens and tools in Blueprint. You can Download Logs, Reset Table Column Widths and Clear the Print Template Cache.  

How do I get to the Advanced section? 

To access the Advanced section of your Preferences, click on Name @ Studio and select Preferences in the drop-down. Once in the Preferences screen, you'll see the Advanced section at the end of the list on the left.

What do these tools do?


The Download Logs button is a very important tool for troubleshooting. This will create a .zip file on your desktop that our support team can review . If you run into issues with the program will likely ask for these logs, so they can be reviewed and we can quickly identify and fix any issues.


There are several areas within Blueprint that users can adjust the size or Table Columns. This is a simple means of resetting the columns back to their default width.  


Clear Print Template Cache removes cached product fonts and images that are used during offline printing.

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